5 Types of Interior Doors You Should Consider

5 Types of Interior Doors You Should Consider

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, it is important you remember that you have a lot of options. You have different types of interior doors to choose from.

An interior door is any door that does not provide access to the outside of your home. The interior of a house is incomplete without perfect fitting doors.

Before choosing what type of interior doors you want for your home, you should make a list of how many interior doors you need and their function. When shopping for doors, it is important to find the best possible balance between form and function. You want something that will be perfect for your particular taste, at the same time; you want something that will provide optimum function for the space.

Here are 5 types of interior door possibilities for you to explore in great detail;

  1. Bifold doors: These are set of doors which are hinged together and fold into each other. The doors may be wood or metal and typically come in four panels. These doors are often installed in pairs and their multi-panel design makes it easy to move them out of the way as needed. They are commonly employed for areas such as laundry room, pantry and closets.    


  1. Louver doors: A full louver panel door offers the most ventilation, but a louver-over-panel door offers the most style because it looks very similar to solid panel doors. Louver doors are standard passage doors which all or some of the panels have been replaced by angled wood slats. They are typically used for closets, utility rooms and laundry rooms. They provide ventilation and privacy.                                                          
  2. French doors: If you are looking for something dramatic, French doors would be the right choice. These doors are made up of two panels that hang in one frame, each door panel opening outwards. You can configure these doors to have both panel active, or to have just one of the panels active. When both panels are opened, they offer an unobstructed view.             



  1. Passage doors: Passage doors are the most commonly used doors in our homes. They swing open and close on two or more leaf hinges. They can be brought just as a slab or as a pre hung door unit. A pre-hung door comes pre-installed within a door frame, it saves installation time by eliminating the need for a carpenter to construct jambs and fit the door to the jambs.                                                                                                       



  1. Pocket doors: These doors have been around since several years, but they have recently gained extreme popularity because of its interesting architectural elements. They come in doors that slide in and out of a space hidden within the wall. It has the advantage of the ability to save floor space.                       


Choosing the right type of interior door for your home is very important. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Keeping in mind that different rooms are going to have different needs, it is going to be easier to choose the ones that are right for your home.

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