How To Choose The Right Front Door in Nigeria

How To Choose The Right Front Door in Nigeria

Making decisions when you have no clue about a certain subject can be a little tricky. One of the most important choices to make when building a house is choosing the right front door. Since we all want safe homes for ourselves and loved ones, it is crucial to have a front door. Well, except maybe you choose to make your abode in the local hometowns where the crime rate is low or absent. Even these places have recorded cases of burglary.

Aside from beautifying the home front, the front door also plays a significant role in the safety and security of your personal belongings as well as guaranteeing peace of mind.

When picking out a front door, you must take into consideration the toughness, attractiveness and gracefulness of the door. It can be a little strenuous making a choice of the right door for your property in Nigeria but this article will guide your decision.

One way to make the right choice is to figure out what’s best for you. You also need to understand the kind of door materials you can find in Nigeria. Turkey security doors and bulletproof doors are some of the preferred external doors popular in the Nigerian market.

Here are some front door materials you can find in the Nigerian market:

1. Wood doors

Wood doors are very popular in the Nigerian market. It is easy to customize. If you desire to go for wood as a front door material, be sure to go for a strong and durable one that is resistant to weather conditions and insects; something thick and durable as anything thin may be too easily damaged. A rule of thumb with wood doors is to look for those with durable stains and high-gloss finishes since these will best protect the wood.

2. Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are popular and durable. It has the ability to resist insects and other elements. These door types can handle the weight of a large piece of glass whilst still sliding smoothly for years. They have been known to give homes a sleek and modern look.

3. Fibreglass

Basically made of glass fibre and resin, its insulated core gives its doors added protection. This door type is unique and not common in Nigeria. Fibreglass front doors may cost a bit more than wood, but the long-term energy savings is worth the cost.

4. Steel doors

Coming second after wood doors, steel doors are one of the popular exterior doors in Nigeria. Of the three choices of metal front doors, steel has proven to be the most secure of them all. Steel doors are stronger than wood or fibreglass doors as they don’t crack or warp. The downside to steel doors is the denting which can be hard to repair resulting in the need for a full door replacement. Most steel doors are coated with a baked-on polyester finish that requires periodic repainting.