How to Hire a Contractor: Questions to Ask Before Hiring

How to Hire a Contractor: Questions to Ask Before Hiring

So, when you look at your budget and also picture your dream home or business property what should influence your choice of a contractor?

Although, a budget is important but if you are too focused on it you would end up not picking a contractor that is a great fit for your project.

Let me work you through certain knowledge you should have before hiring a contractor:

1. Have a detailed plan of what you want: This is where an architect comes in. The plan, objectives, and desires should be well laid out. This would give ample information to the contractor such that he/she can then assist you in narrowing down your selection.

2. Ask for recommendation: After getting the detailed specifications for your project, you need to ask your architect or a friend to recommend some contractors to you. Recommendations are a lot better than just seeking out a contractor by yourself. Send out your specification to a few for pricing. This helps the contractor stick to their price along with your specification.

3. Check out your contractor: Having selected a contractor, you need to scrutinize their past projects. Check out their previous projects as well as the satisfaction rate achieved. If the satisfaction rate is high, chances are that you would also be satisfied.

4. Interview your contractor: Trust and communication are very important when selecting a contractor. You would want to select someone you can trust and importantly, communicate with as you would be working closely with this person.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

A. How would they deal with issues or differences as regards changes either from you or the designer?

You need to pay attention to good attitude towards collaboration. Also, check out their manner of dialogue, adaptability and flexibility.

B. Ask your contractor how he deals with extras.

Extras such as things needed for fitting that wasn’t initially priced. You would find that some contractors use this as an avenue to make extra cash at the clients’ expense. You should pay attention to his/her integrity.

C. Ask about the timeline.

You need to know if they can meet up with your time frame. Ensure to add some time, say eight weeks. This helps manage expectations and covers unforeseen occurrences (don’t set yourself up for disappointment). This doesn’t mean all contractors do not meet deadlines.

D. Find out about the legal angle

It is important to make sure they are licensed. Check all legal issues and their track record in getting all necessary permit.


Although your budget counts, you need someone who is accountable, not saturated with workload; someone that places safety at the very top and has a great track record. If you need further assurance, you can take out time to visit any current job to get a feel of the prospective contractor working with you.